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You will work with team of professionals driven to success



Our creative team will create stunning project for you



We have over 10 years of experience in web design and marketing



We implement innovative solutions according to your needs



What we can do for you


> Responsive Website/ Blog

Create stunning website or blog with unique layout.


> Online Store

Enhance your business and start online store.


> Logo

Create simple but "eye catchaing" logo


> Business Cards

Surprise your clients with unique design


> Leaflets

Promote your business with colorfull leaflets


> Posters

Be visible on events or local market



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Our clients recomendations

It was pleasure to work with you

„ ALPHA Project has created unique design for our project including logo and email templates. It was really great to work with the whole team. I can really recommend it.”


„ We had really good time creating our project! We have stared with planning and design so we could make the whole website working. RECOMMEND!”


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