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Terms and Conditions

The Client orders, and the Company accepts the order to design the website, called further the Service, which means:
a. designing of graphical project
b. creating of service with all necessary functions as agreed with the Client
c. installation and activation of the website on the server.

Both parties agree to put all possible effort into good cooperation during the work on the contracted project and declare to support each other through and while expressing their views and coordinating the preparation process.

The Company will present the Client with the service project within 7 days from the date service has been ordered. The project will be sent electronically via email or any other.

1. Project includes the graphic setting of the Service.

2. The Client has 7 days to report any faults or amendments of the project. Failure to report them within 7 days results in full acceptance of the project in the originally presented form

3. The amount of amendments and corrections is to be agreed individually.

4. The Company will activate the Service within 14 days from project’s acceptance by the Client.

5. The Client is responsible for providing the Company with all elements required to be placed in his service ( pictures, logo, text) within 7 days of project’s acceptance.

6. Delivery of the ordered work will take place via email and will be sent to the email address provided by the Client. The Company will provide the Client at this occasion with all tools necessary to service, modernization and administration eg login, password. The Company will install the Service on the Company’s Server.

7. The acceptance of the carried out work (project) will take place within 14 days from the day of presentation to the Client.

8. In case the Client will not report any faults or amendments within 14days of project’s presentation the Company will perceive it as full acceptance of carried out work and no need for corrections.

9. The Company is entitled to present its logo and link leading to Company’s website on the bottom margin of the Client’s Service as an author and designer of the Service.

10. All other matters which could relate to this agreement are regulated by Civil Procedure Rules.

11. The agreement shall be dissolved if the Client decides to do it. If Client chooses himself to terminate this contract from any reason Client is to give 30 day notice to Administrator.

12. Upon termination the Client’s rights resulting from this agreement shall immediately cease.

13. All Company’s secrets should be kept confidential at any times, should not be disclosed by the Client to any person, firm or corporation during contract or following the expiration or termination of this contract. This Agreement is also seen as a secrecy agreement enforceable by the Company.



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